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INTERVIEW: PLL cast dishes on “game-changer” season finale

The cast of Pretty Little Liars hit the PaleyFest carpet to spill the details on the Season 4 finale, which promises to be satisfying at last, and of course, lead to more questions.

I can’t believe they’re telling this much. I honestly can’t,” Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison, gushed about the Pretty Little Liars season finale on the PaleyFest carpet on Sunday.

Pieterse said the Season 4 finale is “for sure” Ali’s long-awaited coming out party, and the 18-year-old actress seemed just as excited about it as we are to see the answers about that fateful night Alison disappeared finally unveiled.

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“This is probably the biggest moment in the whole series of the show,” actress Lucy Hale, who plays Aria, explained, “because they haven’t had Ali to contact or talk to. They learn about intimate details. People she ran into that night. It’s sort of a game-changer. Things are definitely going to be different from here on out on the show because now there’s five PLLs. There’s no longer just four.”

Executive producer Oliver Goldstick also didn’t hold back from giving us some juicy tidbits to look forward to.

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We asked if Ezra (Ian Harding) would be back this episode after spending the past few in the shadows and Goldstick promised, “He will indeed. He will indeed. In a very forceful way, too, you’ll be happy to hear.” Yes, we are! We’re still holding out for an Ezra and Aria reunion, after all. Bring back the good old days. The Pretty Little Liars girls have had quite the rough season if we say so.

It just might pay off in the end, however. Goldstick said we will discover the long sought-after identity of A. “Maybe not as fast as you think, but you will discover A’s identity very soon,” he said.

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“You’re not just getting answers, you’re getting shocking answers,” executive producer I. Marlene King added, “And answers that, in some ways, raise new questions and, in some ways, put some story lines to bed. So it’s fun. We tie up some loose ends, but we also create some new mysteries.”

When asked how fans would react to the finale, King told us, “I think they will be emotionally exhausted. I think they will be shocked. I think some will be happy. I think some will be sad. I think some will throw things at the TV, and others will be hugging the TV.”

Show heartthrob Keegan Allen also stopped to chat with us about how he’d handle the potential new man in Spencer’s life, her rehab counselor Dean, if he were in Toby’s shoes. Watch the video above to get all the details.

The Season 4 finale of Pretty Little Liars airs at 8/7c tonight on ABC Family.

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