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EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams on their American Hustle characters

We have an exclusive clip from the DVD where the two lead actresses and the film’s director speak about the strong, feisty women in the film and their struggle to survive.

JLaw’s smiling mug features prominently in the most famous selfie to date, responsible for actually breaking Twitter. Co-star Bradley Cooper held the Samsung phone at the request of Ellen DeGeneres, snapping the shot that went around the world.

Though Oscar night is full of smiles, pretty dresses and clever product placement, it’s the work that goes into creating amazing characters that sticks with us.

In American Hustle, Amy Adams plays Sydney Prosser, a scrappy beauty willing to create a whole alter ego for herself in order to “make it” in New York City. About Sydney, Adams focused on the survival aspect.

“It was really overwhelming, the emotional scope of each character. When I first talked to David about the film, I mean it was always about this struggle to survive.”

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Jennifer Lawrence plays Rosalyn Rosenfeld, wife to Irving (Christian Bale) and mother of their son. Somehow, the young actress really seemed to understand Rosalyn and bring a lot of emotion to her performance.

“I found her struggle really kind of interesting. That concept of not wanting to be alone so much that you’d rather be unhappy with somebody because I think our ideas of what our lives should be sometimes overwhelm what our lives actually are.”

The scene between Rosalyn and Sydney in the bathroom is simply electric. The kiss that Adams slaps on Lawrence is rumored to be improvised — such a perfect character instinct.

Director David O. Russell (Silver Linings Playbook) also weighed in on creating these powerful characters.

“I want the women to be as strong as the male characters and I want them to be very powerful presences. I think the whole movie elevates, to an extremely rich world, when the women are strong. Extremely strong, and extremely complicated.”

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American Hustle releases on Blu-ray & digital March 18.

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