Who would win: Beatrice or Katniss? Shailene Woodley reveals

Mar 18, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. ET

We sat down with 2014 "It girl" Shailene Woodley to get the dirt on being Dauntless.

Any of us who read the book Divergent have no doubt pondered each of the five factions carefully. We wanted to know which faction Shailene Woodley would choose, if she had to.

"I would choose Dauntless, but the second I sort of didn't enjoy the way that they were functioning, I would become factionless so that I didn't have to be controlled," Woodley said.

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Woodley also had a lot of on-screen chemistry with Theo James, who plays Four. We asked if their spark happened naturally or if there was a lot of acting involved. "It definitely happened naturally and organically and we slowly got to know each other through the whole process, which I think led to our chemistry," she said. Lucky girl.

Dystopian chicks need to be able to kick butt, and Tris is no different. We asked Woodley how much training she had to do before filming.

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"We did a month of training before we started. Hand-to-hand combat training, physical fitness, sort of the whole gamut. I trained about two weeks alone, then Theo got there and we trained together."

Considering Hollywood has been focused on the strong female heroine lately, we asked Woodley if she thinks the days of the damsel in distress are over.

"I hope so. I feel like it's important to have a fine balance, because we all have days of good and really intense situations so the ebb and flow is important, but there's been a sort of lack of balance, so it's good to see the balance come to fruition."

About whether or not a Divergent-type society could exist in the future, Woodley said, "I hope that it couldn't. I don't think it could, because I don't think that human beings could commit themselves to one virtue."

And, of course, if there was a fight between Katniss from The Hunger Games and Tris from Divergent, we asked Woodley who she thought would win.

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"I don't think either of them would actually fight each other. Tris would look at Katniss and be like, 'Dude, your bow skills are really going to complement my firearm skills,' and Katniss would look at Tris and go, 'Dude, like, your blonde hair is really going to really complement my brunette hair, so let’s just hold hands and take on the world together.'"

Divergent opens Friday, March 21.