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VIDEO: Veronica Mars cast shares their on-set pranks

The boys of the long-awaited Veronica Mars movie were on the PaleyFest red carpet last night and shared with us their favorite on-set shenanigans and tender moments.

What’s the key to a kick-butt movie? Fun on set! And what’s the key to fun on set? Well, pranks, of course!

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The guys of the highly anticipated Veronica Mars movie were out on the red carpet last night in full effect for PaleyFest, and we asked them about their favorite fun-filled moments on set. Ryan Hansen (who also gave Tinder a shout out), Enrico Colantoni, Percy Daggs III, and Chris Lowell had some hilarious and heartwarming details to share about their fan-funded film.

Hansen and Daggs are obviously the jokesters of the crew. When asked about their stand-out moments, the guys were quick to indulge us in their favorite on-set hijinks.

Hansen, unlike his on-screen counterpart Dick Casablancas, is a happily married father of two. Maybe playing with his kids has inspired a love of prancing around in animal costumes? “I did this little prank on Kristen (Bell) and Ken Marino where I dressed in a gorilla suit,” the actor said. “I’m actually in the movie. You can see the gorilla dancing. It was me! They didn’t know it was me, and then Rob (Thomas, screenwriter and Veronica Mars creator) comes and yells at me ’cause I’m in the shot, and then I’m like ‘I’m sorry!’ But I was in that thing for, like, three hours! Lost a little weight, so it was kinda nice.”

From the sounds of Daggs’ story, he probably would have been well suited to be a part of Ashton Kutcher’s show Punk’d. Daggs, who plays Veronica Mars’s bff Wallace Fennel, utilized his acting chops to pull off his prank. “I’m always the cool guy on set. I’m usually even keel. I’m never too upset or anything like that, I’m always smiling,” confessed Daggs. “I came to set at 2:30 in the morning. It was my last scene… I came to set like I had a terrible phone call, I was real pissed off, I was yelling that we need to hurry up and shoot… I came out with this tire iron and I just smashed up this projector that you’ll see in the film… just took it all apart. And Rob’s face — Rob’s face was a win!”

Colantoni and Lowell, unlike Hansen and Daggs, didn’t hesistate to share their sensitive side when letting us in on their favorite occurrences while making the movie.

Colantoni admitted that his favorite thing about filming the movie was seeing how some of the young actors had matured since the TV show had ended. “My favorite memory was Tina Majorino… when I met Majorino the first time, she was, like, 18 maybe. And then suddenly seven years later, she’s a mature woman and we’re having laughs,” he shared. Majorino wasn’t the only actress the man better known as Veronica Mars’ dad was happy to work with again. “Amanda Noret… is another wonderful person who I had no dealings with (during the show) but got to meet on this movie and realized, you know what? Just fantastic.”

And Lowell? Well, he was just happy to hang with his bros. “There was a day when there’s a crazy huge brawl in the movie, and the most fun thing about shooting that was it was the only time in the history of the film or the series that me and Jason and Percy and Francis and Ryan were all in a scene together. And not only that, we were all on the same team. That was really nice.” Awwwwwww!

If the amazing times on set are an indication of how the movie itself turned out, we all better get our booties to the theater! Tickets are on sale today for the Veronica Mars movie.

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