Paul Walker death glasses up for auction

Mar 13, 2014 at 8:30 p.m. ET

Paul Walker died suddenly in a tragic accident last November, and now a questionable anonymous seller is auctioning items he claims were found at the scene of the actor's death.

paul walker
Photo credit: WENN

Handsome actor Paul Walker perished in a horrific car crash on November 30 of last year, and now an unnamed seller is attempting to make a quick buck off the Fast & Furious star's death by auctioning what he claims to be items found at the scene of the accident, according to the New York Daily News.

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Among the items up for bid are a pair of sunglasses Walker was allegedly wearing the day of his death, a single piece of debris from the wreckage and the fire extinguisher that was supposedly used to put out the flames that engulfed the Porsche Carrera GT that Walker was trapped inside. According to TMZ, the seller found the glasses in a bush adjacent to the crash site. No word on how he obtained the fire extinguisher or debris.

The items are up for sale on According to an employee of the site, the sunglasses were verified by a positive photo match of Walker wearing the same pair the day of the accident. The site has had an overwhelming amount of viewers interested in the personal effects, but so far only four people have actually bid on the items.

Walker, 40, was in the passenger seat of friend and business partner Roger Rodas' Porsche when it slammed into two trees and a light pole at speeds greater than 100 miles per hour. The two had been at an event for Walker's charity, Reach Out Worldwide, in Santa Clarita, California, when they decided to take the sports car out for a spin.

Walker's sole benefactor, his 15-year-old daughter, Meadow, was left his entire $25 million fortune. His death caused shock waves throughout the entertainment industry, as the thespian had garnered an awesome reputation, both as an actor and human being.

Are you a Paul Walker fan? How do you feel about people profiting from his untimely demise? Would you buy any of the personal belongings?