VIDEO: Hilarious About a Boy cast bonds — interview style

Mar 13, 2014 at 7:50 p.m. ET

They make us laugh on screen, but David Walton and Minnie Driver prove to be just as funny behind the scenes in this cast interview.


If you thought About a Boy stars David Walton and Minnie Driver have hilarious chemistry on TV, check out what happens behind the scenes!

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In this video, David Walton interviews Minnie Driver, but it really turns into more of a joke-off than an interview. The question and answer session leaves both actors in stitches, proving they have just as much personality and wit off screen as they do on.

You can learn a little something in this interview, too. Minnie Driver shares the British definition of "pudding," which leaves David baffled and even "angry."

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Be sure to watch until the end to find out what Minnie said that drove David to storm off set!

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