15 Things to talk about other than Lindsay Lohan's sex partners

Mar 13, 2014 at 3:55 p.m. ET

A list of Lindsay Lohan's supposed celebrity lovers was found in a hotel bar, and it's become the talk of the tabloids. But in case, like us, you kinda think it's a total double standard that she's being blasted for her sexual choices, we've come up with 15 more suitable entertainment topics to discuss.

Lindsay LohanPhoto credit: PNP/WENN.com


Shailene Woodley gifted Jimmy Fallon with a phallic-shaped horseradish root on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He blushed, she giggled. We'll never look at cocktail sauce the same.

Lindsay Lohan slut-shamed with lovers list >>


Chelsea Handler slammed Piers Morgan in his soon-to-be-extinct program Piers Morgan Live, calling him out for being "a terrible interviewer." Is it wrong that, although we enjoyed Handler chastising the host, we also felt a teensy weensy bit bad for him? Or was Handler totally out of line to start with?


Netflix just released teaser photos of Orange is the New Black's second season, and it looks like some serious sh**'s about to hit the fan (and when you're in prison, that is a loaded statement). The June 6 premiere cannot get here fast enough!


In a pseudo-interview with Russell Simmons, Fox's Bill O'Reilly ranted about how Beyoncé's racy single "Partition" is going to contribute to the teen pregnancy crisis. Uh, say what? We're pretty sure teens get just as worked up over the clearance rack at Aéropostale.


The Big Bang Theory has been picked up for three more seasons (at least). More of a smart, funny show that embraces nerdiness? Yes, please!


Sheryl Sandberg, backed by Beyoncé and other celebs, wants to ban the word "bossy." Is it really that big of a deal, though? The root of the word bossy is boss, so wouldn't that make bossy a positive attribute? As in, having qualities of a boss? Discuss.


Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney topped Billboard's 2014 Money Makers list, raking in around $40 million and $33 million, respectively. Country is kicking some a**, y'all! Bet that'll buy a pretty guitar or two (hundred thousand).


Paleontologists discovered a new species of dinosaur called Nanuqsaurus hoglundi, which they're dubbing a pygmy tyrannosaur. Perhaps the tiny T. rex will make a cameo in Jurassic Park 4 — one can only hope.


Three words: Pretty Little Liars.


Chumlee's alive, y'all! Pawn Stars' lovable oaf was the victim of a viral death hoax, but he is in fact alive, well and filming his regular shenanigans as we speak.


Angelina Jolie may be planning an oophorectomy, or ovary removal surgery, to further reduce her odds of getting cancer. Perhaps this will open up more of a dialogue about preventative surgery which, in turn, could seriously save lives.


Lavender-hued hair: Love it or leave it? Nicole Richie is testing it out, Kelly Osbourne is known for rocking it and Lauren Conrad apparently hates it. Thoughts?


Rooney Mara has been cast as the Native American character Tiger Lily in Pan, causing an uproar among groups blasting Hollywood's habit of "whitewashing characters." But is that what is happening? We adore the idea of the new Annie starring cute little Quvenzhané Wallis… is that different?


In the words of Jeopardy champion/villain Arthur Chu, "the #chuchutrain has reached its last stop" — the 30-year-old's 11-week, nearly $300,000 streak ended Wednesday night. Hey, Chu can't win em' all, right?


The weather — no, seriously. Mother Nature needs to get her s*** together. She's starting to make us think Sharknado is within the realm of reality. Like, we actually considered the possibility. Out loud.