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He’s back! 5 Ways Caleb could return to Pretty Little Liars

Caleb fans can all sleep a little easier tonight. Tyler Blackburn is headed back to Pretty Little Liars. But just because Caleb’s returning doesn’t mean things between him and Hanna will be smooth sailing.

ABC Family has confirmed that Tyler Blackburn will reprise his role as Caleb on Pretty Little Liars for Season 5. He will be rejoining the cast as a series regular sometime early on in the season, which premieres June 10.

Showrunner I. Marlene King made the official announcement at PaleyFest this week saying, “Tyler’s coming back in our 100th episode, which is episode 5 of Season 5. We’re just writing that story right now, and I’m excited to be writing that episode.”

Since they haven’t nailed down (or at least released) any specifics just yet, we thought we’d examine fun ways Caleb could return to Pretty Little Liars.

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1. After hearing about Ezra

Now that Ezra has resigned from Rosewood High and his double life is unveiled, Caleb might feel the need to return to protect Hanna (Ashley Benson). Or at least give Mr. Fitz a good evil eye or two. Someone should, besides the girls — and who better than Rosewood’s bad boy come back?

2. With some Ravenswood friends

Caleb may not return alone. No word yet on whether we’ll see some story-line crossover between Pretty Little Liars and Ravenswood, but it could happen to allow fans of Ravenswood some more concrete closure, since the show was canceled after only one season.

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3. After a big finale event

We know Caleb will return to the show early on in Season 5, which means maybe something happens in the finale that fuels his comeback. Perhaps Hanna gets hurt? Or the girls discover something about A that leads them to reach out to techie Caleb for help.

4. In the midst of Hanna kissing Travis

Maybe he’ll try to romantically surprise Hanna with his return to Rosewood only to catch her in the arms of her new guy, Travis. You know that is going to make one awkward love triangle come Season 5. We can’t wait!

5. With some Ravenswood mysteries

Pretty Little Liars is going to have to explain Caleb’s return by wrapping up some of the loose ends in Ravenswood to account for his reappearance in Rosewood. Perhaps they’ll show some flashbacks of his time in Ravenswood. Or maybe his return will add some more mystery to Pretty Little Liars Season 5. Not that the show needs any more mystery.

Are you excited to see Tyler Blackburn return to Pretty Little Liars?

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