“Belfies” are a thing, and we have Jen Selter to thank for it

The beautiful thing about the internet is that it allows us to broaden our horizons and learn something new every day. Today, I learned that 20-year-old Jen Selter is an Instagram legend because of her a**. I know my world is a better place having learned this, so I thought I’d share it with you, too.

Jen Selter

International Women’s Day

Please meet Jen Selter, the 20-year-old young lady who is famous for her social media posts of her butt. She was just featured in a Vanity Fair spotlight. I’m going to hang back for a second while you wonder if Vanity Fair‘s editor-in-chief was kidnapped and let you try to fit those two sentences together. And to answer your question, yes, evidently we are now living in a world where Vanity Fair profiles women who are famous for having a fit a**. Here, Selter gives a shout-out to International Women’s Day. (That sound you hear is the collective shriek from women around the world who are actually contributing to society.)

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Butt workout

Let’s check out a day in the life of Selter’s butt. Here is Selter’s butt at the gym. Selter’s a** is always at the gym, if her social media outlets are any indication. So ladies, if you want to become a social media icon, you need only live at the gym and have a backside that looks amazing in yoga pants. So this is what our society values most in its social media-surfing free time? Ugh. In the timeless words of Dwight Schrute from The Office, “We need a new plague.”

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Butt at the gym

Oh, look, here’s Selter’s butt at the gym again. Our word for the day, boys and girls, is “belfie.” Selter cleverly combined the words “butt” and “selfie” and came up with “belfie.” (So what would selfies of boobs be called?)

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Butt on the treadmill

Here is Selter’s can getting on the treadmill. I’m sort of imagining a conversation with her teenage daughter years from now. “So, Mom, how did you spend your 20s?” “Oh, that was a magical time honey. I became famous by exploiting my a** on social media.”

Butt on a sign

On this day, Selter’s butt visited a sign. Why is Dr. Seuss ringing in my ears right now? “I do not like that Jen I am. I do not like her butt at the gym. I do not like it on a treadmill. I do not like it on a sign.”

Butt on a wall

Wow! That wall has a big crack in it. You may recognize this timeless image from Facebook. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go try this pose. If you hear super loud cackling followed by a deafening thud, don’t be alarmed.

Butt in a skirt

Behold, Selter does own something other than yoga pants. This sort of makes us wonder, for all the millions of followers and infamous notoriety, is she making any money? Vanity Fair mentions sponsorships and free gear. We know folks in our immediate circle with those benefits, and they aren’t fanning their fanny in people’s faces.


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