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MUSIC REVIEW: Pia Mia’s “Fight for You” on Divergent soundtrack


The Divergent soundtrack is spearing through its competition. With chilling tracks featuring Ellie Goulding and M83, the song that diverges from the pack and rises to the top is by a sassy-dressing but smooth-sounding vocalist.

Young and aspiring musician Pia Mia Perez features Chance the Rapper on “Fight for You,” a song from the wildly promising Divergent movie soundtrack.

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Have you ever started to listen to an album, skim through it and before you hit “next” a song comes on that makes you raise your eyebrow? This is that track on this album. Only three songs in, “Fight for You” features trippy beats and almost off-putting introductory lines from Pia Mia.

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You think you won’t like it, but then the song picks up the pace. Her variation, compounded with the song’s robotic sound effects, had me comparing her style to an AlunaGeorge track.

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It’s got all the appeal of an R&B song, and it would’ve done half decent if it were stripped of what my mom would affectionately call “background drug noise.”

Although this sounds borderline insulting, it’s almost what Calvin Harris and Rihanna would’ve sounded like if they had taken a shot at a ballad when they first started their careers.

Wow. I’m laughing because I really don’t mean it as an insult.

Pia Mia has a hopeful voice, and Chance the Rapper really brings forth another dimension with an island aggression. Curious yet?! It’s not revolutionary, but it’s refreshing.

Of all the immaculately addicting songs on the album, this one is the most unexpected. I hope it’s actually featured in the film because I would love to see how it’s paired up with a scene.

The album debuted March 11, and it’s a soundtrack you need to invest time soaking in. The soundtrack’s artists include Snow Patrol, A$AP Rocky, Zedd and Pretty Lights (I already mentioned Ellie Goulding and M83).

What are your thoughts, readers? Take a listen below and let me know how happy or disappointed you are with the track.

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