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Kim Kardashian car crash: Driver smashes into her Mercedes!

Poor Kim Kardashian must have gotten a scare on Tuesday — she was involved in a minor car accident while driving through Beverly Hills, California.

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Kim Kardashian was not having a good day on Tuesday because she found herself involved in a collision with another car in Beverly Hills, California.

The reality TV star was happily driving along alone in her $100,000 Mercedes G Wagon when another vehicle smashed into her at an intersection.

According to E! News, the mom-of-one was turning left at an intersection on North Camden Avenue and waiting to turn onto Benedict Canyon Drive when the driver of a silver sedan, who had his right indicator on, failed to turn and smashed right into Kardashian while she was turning.

However, both the brunette beauty and the other driver involved in the incident appeared to be in good spirits about the ordeal, and the pair even shared a hug after they had exchanged their insurance details at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Luckily, neither party has reported any injuries and everything seems to be fine. Although, Kardashian does appear to have a bit of bad luck when it comes to driving incidents. She was just recently pulled over by police in Los Angeles, California, for speeding, after she was allegedly trying to escape the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

However, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star carried on with her day as if nothing had happened on Tuesday. She was later spotted on the same day looking gorgeous in an all-black, cleavage-baring ensemble. The star was accompanied by her sisters Khloé and Kourtney at LAX airport, where the trio boarded a flight.

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