Justin Bieber's model pal Chantel Jeffries sues N.Y. Daily News

Mar 12, 2014 at 10:53 a.m. ET

The media are going to learn a lesson — don't speak ill of Justin Bieber's gal pal Chantel Jeffries or you may find yourself staring at a lawsuit.

Justin Bieber's friend Chantel Jeffries sues New York Daily News for libel
Photo credit: via Chantel Jeffries Instagram

The name Chantel Jeffries has become more and more popular since Justin Bieber's DUI arrest,  and even more people are about to learn the model's name because she has sued the New York Daily News!

Jeffries was the mystery woman in the passenger seat of Bieber's rented yellow Lamborghini when the superstar got pulled over by police in Miami Beach, Florida, in January.

Jeffries and her attorney Andrew Felix have now decided to sue the newspaper for libel after it posted a story on its website in January that painted the model in a poor light.

The article stated that the 21-year-old star had a long criminal record, and it implied that her bad influence was to blame for poor Biebs getting arrested.

Jeffries' lawyer filed the lawsuit on Tuesday in Orange County Circuit Court, and Jeffries is believed to have been described as a student, model and entrepreneur, and she's adamant that the world knows that she is not the "mastermind of any alleged criminal activity."

According to E! News, the lawsuit claims the New York Daily News maliciously printed the story detailing the model's alleged five previous arrests and states that the newspaper "committed such acts maliciously, oppressively, fraudulently, with ill will and an evil intent to defame and injure Jeffries."

Jeffries is seeking unspecified damages and according to E! News, her lawyer revealed, "Ms. Jeffries is seeking to protect and defend her reputation, coupled with permanent injunctive relief against the defendants. We believe the damages sustained by our client are significant and are confident that a jury of her peers will find the same."