The Originals review: Ta-ta for now, Rebekah

Mar 12, 2014 at 1:27 p.m. ET

After tears all around and a few solid failed attempts, Rebekah is bowing out of The Originals and the New Orleans scene, but is she gone for good?

Klaus taunts Rebekah in The Originals
Photo credit: The CW

This episode of The Originals gets off to a slow start, but at about the halfway point it all changes. It appears that, shockingly, Rebekah (Claire Holt) will be leaving the show, at least for now. Excuse us while we take a moment of silence for all the witty, snarky lines we will miss.

SheKnows Cheat Sheat
  • ICYMI last week...
  • Elijah gives Hayley the cure for the werewolf curse, even though he realizes it will most likely mean losing her.
  • Celeste kills herself, and Elijah makes sure she can never return. On a happier note, Davina is back from the dead!
  • In a flashback, we learn the details of Mikael's return to New Orleans. He ruined Klaus' happy life.
  • Klaus has a white oak stake he intends to use on Rebekah.

Not surprisingly, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Rebekah decide not to kill each other in the cemetery. Sure, Klaus daggers Elijah and then stabs Rebekah with the white oak stake, but he misses her heart. Let's not get bogged down with technicalities. The point is, she lives.

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During this whole showdown, we also get a glimpse into Klaus and siblings as children, before their father ruined them. Klaus was always looking after Rebekah and she him. Klaus liked to whittle and gave Rebekah a knight to keep her safe.

Back in the present, Klaus tells Rebekah he always loved his family. Klaus and Rebekah bond over the fact that Mikael ruined both of them. Way to blame someone else for your problems, people. We do agree that we are, to an extent, products of our environment, but those two can choose to be different. Live differently.

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And it's like the show is reading my mind because in the next scene, Klaus wonders aloud if Mikael's father ruined Mikael too. He suggests it's time for a new story, and I suddenly fall in love with this show all over again.

While Klaus and Rebekah are deciding they don't actually want to kill each other, Marcel has a tête-à-tête with Genevieve, who has taken over as the leader of the witches. In exchange for helping Marcel save Rebekah in the graveyard, she wants Davina returned to their coven. Genevieve wants to protect her and bring her back into the fold. We actually believe her intentions are pure when it comes to Davina. At least, we hope. At the end of the day, the witches are all about protecting their own, and it seems like Genevieve wants what's best for Davina.

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At the end of the episode, Klaus sets Rebekah free from her life bound to her siblings just as the barrier around the grave disappears.

Rebekah says her goodbyes, starting with Marcel. In a perfect Rebekah moment, she recognizes how much Marcel loves New Orleans, and Rebekah tells him she's not the type of girl who likes to share. Marcel kisses her, and it's goodbye between these two for now.

Rebekah drives away from the city in her red convertible on the highway. Not gonna lie, we half expected Lestat to pop up in the backseat. But, it appears she makes it out of town without a problem.

Back in New Orleans, Klaus pulls out a box at his house. Inside is the knight he gave Rebekah all those years ago.

Will this be Rebekah's goodbye for good? Perhaps she'll return to Mystic Falls? OK, OK, we can dream, right?