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The Bachelor non-proposal: What happened to the ring?


Juan Pablo picked out a Neil Lane sparkler for The Bachelor winner Nikki Ferrell — so where is it?

Nikki Ferrell dodged a bullet last night when the most-hated Bachelor in TV history Juan Pablo picked her but refused to propose. One final detail has yet to be resolved, though. Ferrell was obviously in it for the ring, so where exactly is that Neil Lane sparkler if it is not on her finger?

According to People, Juan Pablo picked out a 3.5-carat cushion-cut diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds, set in platinum by the celebrity jewelry designer, and despite his wishy-washiness on the show finale he seemed pretty set on marriage at the time he chose the bling.

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“He was talking to me like a guy who is about to propose would talk, and he seemed to take it very seriously,” Lane told People.

“He indicated to me that he had found the right girl. He did not give a hint that he didn’t have that certainty about the woman he was choosing. Sitting in St. Lucia and talking to him, it was clear he had a girl in mind and he wasn’t taking it lightly. He seemed excited about the moment and finding the best ring for this particular girl.

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“When I left him, he seemed prepared to propose,” Lane added.

That obviously didn’t happen, so where is that ring? A show source told the mag that it is in the hands of Bachelor producers until Juan Pablo actually makes up his mind about marriage.

“The ring is now with producers and is not in Juan Pablo’s possession,” a show source told the mag. “If a proposal doesn’t occur on the show, the show holds on to the ring. If Juan Pablo decides to propose in the near future, the ring would be his for the asking. But much further down the line? It’s unclear whether or not he’d still have access to it.”

Tell us: Should Nikki Ferrell wait it out or run far, far away?

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