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Lily Allen announces Sheezus, releases “Our Time

She’s baaaaack! Lily Allen announces the release date for her new album and drops fun new single. God, we love her!

Lily Allen dropped massive amounts of awesome news on the world today. Most excitingly, she announced that her next album, brilliantly titled Sheezus, will arrive on May 6. She also released her next single, “Our Time.”

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After five years of waiting, Allen has returned to us, and she’s in right proper form. Nothin’ slows this girly down, not even two babies. The newest single is full of that party-girl energy and West Ender London spunk we love so much about Allen. The fake lashes are back, the accent is back and so is the crazy. In the video, Allen is joined by two friends (or two versions of herself) as a taxi rolls her from one adventure to another. There’s smoking, excessive drinking, dancing and even a fight with a version of Allen in a hot dog costume. “Our Time” is all about lightening up and partying with your best pal… even if that best pal turns out to be yourself, it seems.
This isn’t the first single off Sheezus. It follows the powerful first single, “Hard Out Here,” which came with a slightly controversial video that many claimed was, among other things, racist. Like with all things Allen-related, however, we know it was all just meant in good fun. Two months earlier, Allen released “Air Balloon,” which featured the pop singer at her silliest, including a toy piano loop and a shout out to none other than Kurt Cobain.

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What’s ahead for Sheezus? The title track will kick off the album, while “Hard Out Here” will close it out. In between, fans will find nine other songs that will know doubt remind us all of why we fell in love with the Hammersmith native in the first place.

Sheezus track list:

1. Sheezus
2. L8 CMMR
3. Air Balloon
4. Our Time
5. Insincerely Yours
6. Take My Place
7. As Long As I Got You
8. URL Badman
9. Silver Spoon
10. Life For Me
11. Hard Out Here

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