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VIDEO: Lena Dunham gets naked for Saturday Night Live


If you missed Lena Dunham’s hosting gig on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, don’t worry: We have the best videos… including the one where Dunham went “biblical” and lost her clothes.
Girls creator, writer and star Lena Dunham made her debut on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. Amongst the many standout moments were Dunham’s biblical parody of Girls, the SNL take on Scandal and guest appearances from Liam Neeson and Jon Hamm. All in all, it was a magnificently entertaining episode… as long as you don’t mind seeing Dunham naked — again.

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The newest SNL parody of Girls was by far the highlight of the night. The skit took place in the Garden of Eden with Dunham playing as Eve and Taran Killam as Adam Driver playing Adam. Killam’s hair flicking, twitchy and sighing version of Adam was a spot-on impersonation of Girls‘ leading man Adam. Meanwhile, Dunham brought all of Hannah’s sense of entitlement and immense slowness to Eve’s life as Adam’s wife. The standout moment came when God warned her to stay away from the Tree of Knowledge.

“Are you saying that in, like, a ‘I suggest you don’t?'” Dunham asks. “Or in like a ‘Definitely don’t’ but with a side of ‘Maybe do.'”

God’s response, “Well, Eve, you’re clearly gonna do whatever you feel like soooo, whatever.”

We definitely believe that’s how God handles any situation involving our generation.

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Later in the night, SNL‘s new cast member Sasheer Zamata took on Scandal‘s Olivia Pope and assigned nearly impossible tasks to her team. Dunham played the chipper, idiotic “Kelsey,” incapable of handling any assignment on her own. It showcased Dunham at her most annoying… and we loved it.
The show even started with a message to Russia from Neeson. Later, Hamm stopped by and women everywhere threw their panties at the screen. You always know it’s time for Mad Men to return when Hamm starts showing up on Saturday Night Live! We’re just jealous that Dunham was there to meet him and not us.

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