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3 Reasons Kesha’s name change is a step in the right direction


Kesha has emerged from the cocoon of rehab a butterfly, if her new Twitter handle and name change are any indication. Here are three reasons why we think the alterations signify positive change.


Photo credit: WENN

It’s been a challenging year for Kesha, who entered rehab for an eating disorder in back in January, but the pop star recently exited the facility and debuted her new happy outlook on life. Now that she’s back on the outside, she has a new Twitter handle and, according to TMZ, has changed the “$” in her name to “s” to mirror her new point of view. Here’s why we think @KeshaRose will come out on top by celebrating herself and ditching the dirty, sucky old name.

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Choose your name, choose your destiny

Maybe the songstress didn’t even come up with the name on her own, and the former Twitter handle was a statement against the moniker Ke$ha itself. There’s a strong possibility the name was picked by producers, her label, whatever “team” she had in place before hitting the big time: the same people Ke$ha claimed pushed her toward an eating disorder in the first place. @KeshaRose symbolizes the artist stripping down and becoming herself again. And speaking of stripping…


New name, new lifestyle

$ reminds of dollar bills. Dollar bills remind us of strippers. Strippers remind us of glitter. Glitter reminds us of pre-rehab Ke$ha, who had a poor self-image. Is it possible this rings true for the pop star as well? A little party never hurt nobody, but now that she’s focusing on her own health, that raging lifestyle might be a thing of the past.


Do away with the negative

Lastly, and perhaps most simply, the handle @Ke$haSuxx reeks of negativity. It was an overt way for the formerly self-loathing celeb to put herself down. As implied by the symbolic pic of herself on a plane she posted yesterday, she is ready to leave all that behind. And judging by another photo she posted on Instagram, she’s ready to thrive.

Considering Kesha’s mother claims the singer nearly died from starvation before getting help, we truly hope that she is now on the right path and wish her well. We’re in your corner and hope you come back better than ever. Three cheers for positivity, Kesha Rose!

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