Is a Pretty Little Liar walking down the aisle?

Mar 7, 2014 at 8:47 a.m. ET

It's a nice week for a little white lie. Pretty Little Liars is going bridal in what ABC Family is calling "the biggest day in Spencer Hastings' life."

Pretty Little Liars is going bridal in Season 4 Episode 23
Image credit: ABC Family

No, we aren't talking about Troian Bellisario's recent announcement that she's engaged to boyfriend and fellow actor Patrick J. Adams. Although, the fact that Pretty Little Liars is planning a bridal-themed episode with Spencer (Bellisario) at the forefront only a couple of weeks after news of the actress' engagement does seem perfectly timed.

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While Bellisario may be planning her nuptials, none of the liars are going to be saying, "I do," next episode unless someone asks, "Who wants to know the true identity of A?"

The girls will be donning wedding dresses, though, while trying to uncover Mrs. DiLaurentis' secrets during her charity bridal fashion show. Alison's mom, you'll remember, is the most recent A suspect after Ezra's tell-all manuscript looks to her as the most likely culprit.

White may be the most unforgiving color when it comes to seeing dirt, but it looks like the liars should be pointing the finger at themselves. Specifically Spencer, whose secrets are about to be revealed, according to the synopsis released by ABC Family.

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While Spencer is uncovering the memories of her lost summer during the episode, Aria (Lucy Hale) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) will be nursing broken hearts. Emily in particular will deal with some hardships as she faces Paige's betrayal. We're guessing a heated confrontation is on the way!

Finally, Hanna (Ashley Benson) will be struggling as she reenters the dating pool. If her dating life this week is anything like the last one with Travis, she deserves to struggle. Girl needs to put down the phone.

See the liars all dolled up in their wedding dresses on Tuesday, March 11, at 8/7c on ABC Family.

Do you think Mrs. DiLaurentis, Paige or Spencer is the most likely A culprit?