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INTERVIEW: Watch Blush perform “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

When we asked Asian pop group Blush about the process they went through to form a band, one member said it was “kind of like Making the Band meets America’s Next Top Model.” We couldn’t agree more! And when this industry-made band performs, you’ll be in awe.

Have you met the fabulously-talented and fiercely-styled Pan-Asian girl group, Blush? The five lovely ladies were weeded out of thousands of girls to form the ultimate Asian girl group and SheKnows was lucky enough to have them stop by our studio. We talked about their first American experiences, their latest single, and even how the group came together, thanks to Project Lotus.

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Project Lotus was the audition search that kind of put us all together,” Victoria Chan told us. “There was auditions in our countries. We were living in Asia at that time, so it went to Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Philippines and India. It was like 3,500 girls at first and they whittled it down to five girls from each country. And we then, like, 30 of us came together in Hong Kong. We lived together for six weeks and every week we would perform a song and one girl from each country would be sent home.”

“It’s kind of like Making the Band meets America’s Next Top Model,” Alisha Budhrani explained.

Wow! That’s a lot of girls in one place and, eventually, under one roof. Shows like Real Housewives and The Bachelor really demonstrate how volatile a house of girls can be. Was the atmosphere just as catty for Project Lotus?

“Actually the whole process was really positive,” Chan explained. “Everybody was just working together, helping each other out. It didn’t matter where you were from. We were never in competition with each other, we were only really competing with girls from the same country.”

“Yeah, the environment was extremely friendly,” Budhrani added. “It also taught you to be super professional and you have to be able to adjust because the groups would change every week. You wouldn’t always have the same girls from the different countries.”

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Now that they’ve narrowed the group down to just the five girls, they’re spending every waking minute together. After touring and recording, do they all live together? Or is it time for a break? It sounds like, as much as they love each other, they definitely need time alone.

“We’re together a lot of the time,” said Chan. “Especially when we’re touring. It’s like day and night, eating and bathrooming. All of that stuff’s together. So it’s nice to have some space, personal time.”

Since winning Project Lotus, the ladies of Blush have undergone some massive life moments. During their time with us, they told us what it was like to meet and work with Snoop Dogg and to make their latest music video in the sweltering desert. They even told us about one of the first American foods they had to devour! To learn more about the movie theater snack they all love, what it was like to work with a legend and hear an exclusive a cappella performance of their new song, watch the video above.

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