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INTERVIEW: Will you be offended by Bad Words? Jason Bateman thinks so

Jason Bateman has a lot to say in his latest film, Bad Words. The actor tells SheKnows all about his unlikeable, yet relatable, character.

In Bad Words, Jason Bateman is obnoxious, manipulative and dishonest and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Not only does he star in the comedy, he also directs it (his feature debut) from a screenplay written by Andrew Dodge. SheKnows recently spoke to the jack-of-all-trades about his aggressive new role.

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Bad Words centers on a 40-something named Guy, who decides to hijack the National Quill Spelling Bee. The competition is geared towards kids in middle school, but Guy finds a loophole and decides to cause trouble for his fellow contestants. In the film, Bateman has his choice of interesting words to use during and outside of the spelling bee.

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He has some memorable and sometimes-raunchy dialogue. “The character says a lot of things that are kind of spicy. No pun intended,” Bateman tells SheKnows. “We just had to try to make sure that the audience wouldn’t be too offended because hopefully they don’t blame my character for saying certain stuff because they start to empathize with what’s going on in his life.”

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With a cast that includes Kathryn Hahn, Allison Janney and Ben Falcone, there was no shortage of laughs. Bateman had a hard time naming his favorite moments during the shoot. But he does remember the ones that were unintentionally hilarious.

“It was pretty funny having those sex scenes with Kathryn,” he reveals. “We’re pretty good friends. That gets uncomfortable and it’s pretty technical doing a sex scene. You’ve gotta make sure you don’t shadow the other person and you kiss the right side as much as you kiss the left side so that the camera can see them and also see you. It’s just a bunch of stuff. And when you’re also saying funny things, you don’t want the other person laughing, but you want to say it as funny as possible.”

Find out more about the film and Bateman’s behind-the-scenes antics in our interview above.

Bad Words opens in select theaters March 14 and expands March 21 and 28.

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