Iggy Azalea as Cher Horowitz for Clueless-inspired “Fancy” music video

Before there was Mean Girls, there was Clueless. Before there was Regina George, there was Cher Horowitz. So it’s only fair that aspiring queen Iggy Azalea seeks a throne of her own using a little help from this refreshing review of one of the most-influential movies of the 90s.

Iggy Azalea

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Maybe Jay-Z’s throne isn’t the only one that should be under supervision.

There’s always a fight for a reigning diva in music, even if you want to assume such competition is left behind with high school. “Queen bees” have always been an influential role in cinema and music. We’ve even had an actual Queen “B” (Beyoncé) claim a throne she rightfully owns (implied by her “Bow Down” single).

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However, with Iggy Azalea’s latest music video feat with Charli XCX, “Fancy,” she makes overt references to her (supposedly) position of power, while creating an elaborate and refreshing tribute to one of the most-classic high school movies of the 90s.

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She dons all the right outfits (certainly for her figure), with the most famous being the mustard-yellow tartan. The music video is also shot at the very same high school that Alicia Silverstone made her stomping grounds. But this is not new for Azalea; she takes her music videos as seriously as her music. Her video for “Bounce” was filmed in India, and for “Change Your Life,” she made references to Showgirls.

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I got to say, though, it’s a hefty reference to make, comparing yourself to an iconic movie and legendary character. I doubt she wants to be known for what Cher was, but rather who she was in the clique — the queen. She definitely has a ferociousness about her, talent and beauty — all seem to be common components of an “it” girl.

Azalea reportedly hoped that Silverstone would be proud, after attempts to get her to make a cameo were not successful.

But then again, she’s not exactly known for subtlety (she is the same artist that claimed Miley Cyrus stole twerking from her). What do you think? Did she do the film justice? Do you like the song?

For more from Iggy Azalea, check out her upcoming new album, The New Classic.

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