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True Detective finale: Prepare for the creepiest episode yet

Rust and Marty follow a clue that leads them to the darkest and creepiest places in the Season 1 finale of the intense HBO mystery.

It’s almost over! Sometimes good things end too quickly. For True Detective fans, eight episodes is simply not enough. We want more of the manic and obsessive Rust (Matthew McConaughey) and complicated cheater Marty (Woody Harrelson)! We want to know even more about this weird Carcosa, and the branch art and the scar-faced man! We want a little less of the graphic child abuse, but still, more episodes!

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Sadly, the Season 1 finale is already upon us and it looks creepier than ever. If you thought the men wearing animal masks and sacrificing children in Episode 7 were disturbing, then just wait until you see what’s next. Check out the preview video with the backwoods, crazy-eyed woman yelling, “He’s gonna come for you.” Or the faded VHS quality footage of a tied-up unidentified body.

Aside from the creepy factor, what we know for sure is Rust and Marty will uncover a clue, a small detail they missed, that will provide them with a very important lead. After 17 years of searching and obsessing, it’s hard to imagine they missed anything along they way. But with the two detectives finally working together, they may find the break they’ve been looking for.

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What we hope happens is they reveal the killer and the secrets behind the disappearances, and explain that weird branch art. We hope both detectives survive and live happily ever after. But a show like this won’t be wrapped up in such a nice pretty bow. This is HBO, the same network that brought us “The Red Wedding” episode of Game of Thrones. So, we won’t hold our breath for a happy ending.

Finale prediction: Either Detective Gilbough or Detective Papania is going to die and probably pretty gruesomely.

To get some closure and see how it all ends, watch the Season 1 finale of True Detective on Sunday, March 9, on HBO.

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