MUSIC REVIEW: Who needs BSB when you have The Fray's "Hold My Hand"

Mar 3, 2014 at 9:50 p.m. ET

I realize I was almost blasphemous by considering any group to supersede the Backstreet Boys, but The Fray is out with a song that has you missing the days where boy bands reigned supreme.

The Fray
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As much as I want to say Zayn Malik reigns supreme in my heart, boy bands aren't what they used to be.

There was a point where we had nothing but boy bands during the 90s and early 2000s, didn't we? I mean, there were New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync, O-Town, 98 Degrees, Westlife — do I need to continue?

(Don't let me. I still regrettably own my old J-14 magazines.)

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You could argue that they weren't all on the scene at the exact same time, but there definitely was a dominance on the charts by hot, talented men who had a bewildering sensitivity that evoked startlingly massive female fandoms.

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(I'm not sure current fangirls could grasp the degree to which those groups understood us. Perhaps if Edward Cullen played piano and Jacob Black sang vocals...)

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While there are a few boy groups on a rampage for young female hearts, and some of our beloved favorites, like the Backstreet Boys, are still making music, it's still a pleasant surprise to find a boy band-like track emerge from The Fray.

I know there are fans out there who are shrieking at me and can't believe I didn't consider some of their earlier work to be girl-crush inducing.

I believe there are, but the first song off their new album, Helios, entitled "Hold My Hand," is a steady contender for their most-charming track. While some ladies will prefer the pained and desperate, loving cry of Isaac Slade's vocals, my pick is the chiseled jaw of Joe King. But it's the entire production from the band as a whole that will have your heart lusting along with your ears.

The lyrics are simplistic but touching, in an S Club 7 "Never Had a Dream Come True" kind of way. Sometimes you don't need elaborate lyrical webbing to capture your audience. The Fray achieved that with "Hold My Hand," and it's justifiably the first song on the album as it will have you wanting more.

Check it out below.


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