Ben Affleck noticeably absent from Academy Awards

Mar 3, 2014 at 4:31 p.m. ET

After his successful Oscar win last year, Ben Affleck was blatantly absent from the Academy Awards Sunday night, leaving wife Jennifer Garner to attend by herself.

Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner
Photo credit: Brian To/

Ben Affleck was very obviously M.I.A. during Sunday night's Oscars, while his wife, Jennifer Garner, attended the prestigious award ceremony without a date.

Garner presented an award during the Academy Awards and she was also there for her role in Dallas Buyers Club. But her equally famous husband decided to skip the awards and opted for joining Garner for the festivities afterward instead.

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The parents of three, both 41, showed up at the famed Vanity Fair after-party together, quickly stopping to talk "with Chris Messina and [his wife] Jennifer Todd," Us Weekly reported. Other A-listers who joined the esteemed Hollywood pair included Jared Leto, Kerry Washington and Lupita Nyong'o.

Affleck and Garner hung out at the after-party for quite some time, constantly being stopped by other celebrities to chitchat.

"[They were] trying to leave but Ben got entirely distracted because he saw Chris and Liam Hemsworth," an eyewitness for Us said. "[He was] saying something that was making Liam turn bright red and Chris was dying of laughter. Ben walked away but then turned around twice and projected himself into their conversation and it was just hit after hit."

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No word on why Affleck was a no-show at last night's affair, but he has been on the down-low since last year's award season. The actor earned the Best Picture Oscar for his film Argo, but was famously deprived from taking home the Best Director trophy, something he was believed to be a shoe-in for.

He was luckier with the Critics' Choice Awards, which did honor him for his directorial work on his widely acclaimed movie.