INTERVIEW: Switched at Birth's Lucas Grabeel on Toby's dance solo, drama ahead

Feb 28, 2014 at 6:57 p.m. ET

Switched at Birth star Lucas Grabeel talks about his dance solo in the March 3 episode, plus the triumphs and challenges Toby will face this season.

Switched at Birth star Lucas Grabeel talks dance solo and drama for Toby
Photo courtesy of ABC Family

Things got quite serious on the most recent episode of ABC Family's Switched at Birth, but the Monday, March 3 episode, titled "Dance Me to the End of Love," promises to lighten the mood a bit.

SheKnows spoke exclusively with Lucas Grabeel, who stars as Toby on the series, all about his dance solo in the episode and Toby's continuing struggles in Season 3.

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This won't be the first time the series has taken on an unusual episode. It also aired an all-ASL (American Sign Language) episode in its second season. Grabeel said he had some doubts about doing a dance episode but was very happy with how it came out.

"I'm totally shocked at how well it's all come together," Grabeel revealed. "When they first said they were doing a dance episode, I was a little worried. Here's an hour drama show trying to do a dance episode. I didn't know what it was going to be like, but all of the dances are very well done."

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Toby will even have his own special solo, which allowed Grabeel the freedom to do his own thing. "One of [the dances] I get to do myself. They were like, 'We couldn't let you go without giving you your own little thing.' It was a fun experience to shoot because I kind of just went crazy and had fun and just created my own thing because it was just me. I dance in other parts of the episode as well, but my little solo is kind of free expression."

With his dad living on his couch after being kicked out of the house and his wife being out of town pretty much since they day they were married, Toby has certainly had some challenges this season. Grabeel said that fans can expect more of the same as the season continues, but he also promised some triumphant moments for Toby.

"I think he's fraught with a lot more problems," Grabeel said. "It's really tough to be in a long-distance relationship and that's really hard on him. It's a lot like last season — he has these great triumphs with bringing his sisters together and making them work together on the field hockey team. That's something that gives him a lot of pride and confidence. He moves into his own place and has a space of his own, which is very important in a young man's life. That gives him also a sense of confidence."

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Toby's main issues will stem from him trying to figure out who he is now that Nikki is gone. "But of course there are a whole lot of other problems that come with not being with your wife that you just married. She's off in Peru saving the world, and you're in Kansas City teaching girls how to play field hockey."

Once an avid musician, Toby gave up his music last season. The change left some fans wondering if he would ever get back into his art. "I think he will definitely revisit it," Grabeel said. "But yeah, it's definitely put a hole in his heart. That's definitely another part of his frustration and confusion as to what he's doing, because he used to have so much purpose and he's kind of searching for that right now."