HBO star Adam Driver may be newest Star Wars evildoer

Feb 27, 2014 at 10:39 p.m. ET

Hollywood is buzzing about J.J. Abrams latest Star Wars epic, and Girls star Adam Driver is the focus of all the talk.

adam driver
Photo credit: WENN

Variety is reporting that Adam Driver, who plays a character by the same name on HBO's Girls, is extremely close to signing a deal with Walt Disney Studios to appear as the main bad guy in J.J. Abrams upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. According to the LA Times, not much is known about the character Driver is being considered to portray, but the part could be as epic as Darth Vader in previous Star Wars episodes.

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While Driver's character on Girls could not aptly be described as villainous, he's definitely shifty and at moments mean. Hollywood must be taking note of the actor's dark side, however. He was also previously in talks to play Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman, but had to turn down the role due to scheduling conflicts.

It's certainly been a big week for the cast of Girls. Allison Williams (aka Marnie) announced her engagement to boyfriend of three years, Ricky Van Veen, just yesterday. Van Veen is a co-founder of College Humor and helped launch Vimeo as well.

Girls was developed by Judd Apatow, who is famous for creating series that springboard virtually obsolete young actors into fame. The 1999 show Freaks and Geeks starred fresh-faced Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, James Franco and Busy Philips. In 2001, Apatow created the show Undeclared, which only aired one season and featured then unknowns Charlie Hunnam, Jay Baruchel and Jenna Fischer. It certainly seems as if Apatow is at it again, as many who are part of the Girls cast are starting to make names for themselves.

While Lena Dunham (who stars in and helped create Girls) could not confirm the rumors about Driver, she did offer enthusiastic tweets of her support.


Star Wars: Episode VII is set to release in mid-December of 2015. With great power comes great responsibility, and Driver's mission as Star Wars' newest evildoer (should he choose to accept it) is going to do powerful things for his career. But he certainly is taking on a huge responsibility to the Star Wars die-hard fans.

What do you think? Will Adam Driver bring a new fan base to the already beloved series? Will Star Wars enthusiasts embrace Driver as part of their clan?