Tammin Sursok's family photos: It doesn't get cuter than this

Feb 27, 2014 at 9:33 p.m. ET

Tammin Sursok is a proud mama, and with good reason. The beautiful family photos that the South African actress has been posting to Instagram are enough to give anyone baby fever!

Tammin Sursok
Photo credit: WENN

Pretty Little Liar's actress Tammin Sursok has an Instagram page exploding with adorable photos of her baby girl and husband. Yesterday, she came home from what was apparently a long day, but wasn't too bushed to add a couple more sweet candid snapshots.

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The gorgeous Sursok, who is married to handsome actor and producer Sean McEwen, posted a photo of her perfectly-accessorized daughter posing with her daddy. And, oh baby, does the little girl look like her dad!


Not long after the father/daughter pic, the 30-year-old Sursok posted a precious selfie, and baby girl is looking just like mama in this one!


Sursok gave birth to her daughter, who the couple named Phoenix, back in October of 2013. She and McEwen wed in Florence, Italy in late Summer of 2011.

This isn't the first time Sursok has taken to social media to share her joy. Just last June she announced her pregnancy to the world via Instagram as well. With the announcement, she also eased her fan's fears by reassuring them the pregnancy would not interfere with the plot line of Pretty Little Liars.


In addition to being multi-talented (she released her debut album Whatever Will Be in 2005), it also appears that the songstress has a heart of gold. Sursok reposted this photo announcing her charity work in January of this year, joining a slew of other celebs who like to give back.


It also appears that Sursok might have new music to release in the works, as British singer Joe Brooks leaked on Twitter that she has been in the recording studio with him!


Between shooting Pretty Little Liars, nurturing her love of song, caring for her family, her ambassadorship for Children's Hospitals and updating her Instagram, the woman also known as Jenna Marshall is a busy little bee!