PHOTOS: About a Boy parties with Lil Jon

Will finds himself in hot water when he decides to take Marcus to Lil Jon’s pool party. Fiona is not going to like this.

Marcus and Will

Images courtesy of NBC

After watching the season premiere of About a Boy, we now have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the show going forward. Will (David Walton) is your average good-looking man-child who will do anything in his power to seduce women and avoid responsibility while Fiona (Minnie Driver) is his counterpart as the uptight vegan trying to hold her family together.

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The real magic of the show is young Marcus (Benjamin Stockham), who is both an emotional rock for his mother and a moral compass for Will. It was adorable and heartwarming to see Marcus risk humiliation to make his mother happy at the talent show and then witness Will come to his rescue in a selfless moment. We can surely expect these shenanigans and heartwarming scenes to continue, but will they be enough to keep audiences coming back for more?

Maybe that’s why for Episode 2 they brought in special guest star Lil Jon. No doubt about it, Lil Jon parties like a boss and is sure to liven up any event, so he’s a great guest choice for a fresh sitcom looking to find its footing.

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In this episode, Will brings Marcus along to a pool party Lil Jon is throwing. Remember, Will has connections in the music biz since he did release that one popular Christmas song with his band back in the day, so it is believable he would be invited to such a hip event.

Shots! Shots! Shots!

However, it’s less believable that a grown man would think it’s a good idea for his neighbor’s kid to tag along.

Marcus struggles on the diving board

Perhaps it has something to do with Marcus’ struggle with diving. From the pictures NBC released, it looks like Marcus might be coping with a fear of heights.

Marcus dares to take the leap

Will is probably helping him overcome his fears, but there’s no doubt he’ll be using the young boy for other purposes as well. Hey, Will may have had a moment of selfishness in the first episode, but he hasn’t transformed into a proper functioning adult just yet. But then again, who has?

Will Fiona look happy for long?

Either way, there’s bound to be trouble with Fiona. Will she be more upset that Marcus was surrounded by edgy rappers and gold-painted ladies in bikinis or that she wasn’t invited?

Don’t miss the party. About a Boy Episode 2 premieres March 4 on NBC.


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