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The Tonight Show‘s The Roots reenact The Bachelor breakup

Did you miss the epic heart-to-heart on The Bachelor this week? Don’t worry, The Roots’ Questlove and Black Thought reenacted it for us on The Tonight Show!
This week on The Bachelor, Andi turned the tables on the egocentric Juan Pablo and came out as the clear winner. She went home, of course, but she’s the first person to call Juan out on his crap. She doesn’t have to put up with any more of it. Their confrontation was so epic that even Jimmy Fallon thought it was funny enough to pay tribute to the moment. He did so by enlisting members of The Roots to reenact the scene on The Tonight Show.

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We think they nailed it and, honestly, it might be time to turn one of these dudes into the next Bachelor. After spending weeks listening to JP ask the bachelorettes how they feel but never really seeming to listen and then following up with some random story about his kid, we’re tired of the whole mess. A doting dad is great, but he should be a doting boyfriend, too, and we’re just not feeling it. We bet Questlove and Black Thought would make much more interesting bachelors. Plus, they could set all the scenes with some awesome live music! Can we start a petition?

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Of course, before we can get to the next season of The Bachelor, we need to make it through another season of The Bachelorette. We could be wrong, but we think Andi is sure to be the one. You don’t show that much personality and that much determination to make a connection unless you really believe in and want to continue to explore the series’ ability to match-make. She might have also single-handedly become our favorite girl just for putting it all out there. She’s even taken to social media to make fun of the situation.

JP was clearly not her match. We’re not sure he was anyone’s match. But Andi deserves a chance to try to find her soul mate, hopefully with someone who is actually interested in her. And someone who knows that everything is not always OK.

What do you think? Did the Tonight Show gang nail another solid night with this recap of the show? We think so!

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