Cindy Crawford was accidentally in bed with George Clooney

Cindy Crawford and George Clooney would certainly make a gorgeous couple, and whilst that’s not going to ever happen, the supermodel did accidentally find herself in bed with him.

Cindy Crawford accidentally found herself in bed with George Clooney

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Can you imagine the unbelievable hotness of a couple consisting of George Clooney and Cindy Crawford? Well, the pair have gotten between the sheets together before, just not in the way that you may expect.

The supermodel is the star of a commercial for Casamigos Tequila — a brand of tequila she owns along with her husband of 16 years actor Rande Gerber — and in the advert, her spouse catches her in bed with Clooney. Perhaps this was a case of art mimicking life, but the events actually happened.

According to Contact Music, the Fair Game star recalled the event saying, ”I woke up around midnight and snuck into the guest room and saw Rande laying facedown on the bed so I got on the bed and was like, ‘Hey, babe, you gotta wake up’, and ‘babe’ turned his head and it wasn’t [Rande], it was George [Clooney].”

”I was shocked, and George, we were both so shocked, so we wandered downstairs, I went looking for Rande and was like ‘George is in the guest bed, I just got in bed with him’ and we all laughed.”

OK, so there is nothing scandalous about this story, but it is rather amusing. So how did the Gravity actor find himself in Crawford’s guest bed? Well, the couple owns a house in Mexico, and Clooney is their next door neighbor.

The actor is infamous for his relationships as he seems to have little luck in the love department and always appears to have a brief new love interest. Crawford, on the other hand, has been married since 1998 and shares two children with her husband — Presley Walker Gerber and Kaya Jordan Gerber, and thus she was reluctant to purchase the house next door to Clooney because of his bachelor ways.

According to Contact Music, Crawford revealed her reluctance to buy the house to Entertainment Tonight. She said, ”The two houses are practically adjoined, and I was like, ‘Hmmmm we have kids, George is sometimes single, sometimes not single.’ It could be great, or it could be a nightmare.”

However, the star’s husband did not share her hesitation and insisted that living next to his famous pal would be fun. Gerber said, ”I just thought it would be fun, we’re always together anyway so why not have somewhere we could have all of us and our friends all be together.”


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