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‘Twas a bad day to be Jason Biggs’ baby boy’s penis

Jason Biggs’ baby boy is having his worst day yet, thanks to a little procedure called circumcision. The actor and his wife, Jenny Mollen, are sharing everything about new parenthood, including what will happen to Sid’s foreskin.

Jason Biggs

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No topic is off limits for newly-minted parents Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen.

Taking news of their son’s circumcision to Instagram, the actress shared Tuesday, “Today was not a good day to be Sid’s penis. #babybiggs #circumcision.”

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It appears Sid Biggs, who was born on Feb. 15, has gone through the traditional Jewish circumcision ceremony known as a bris.

Although the mere mention of circumcision is typically enough to stir up a heated debate, Mollen went a step further by detailing one other tradition they’re opting to skip.

Along with the image below, the new mom (who has a dog named Teets) wrote, “Right after we decided not to bury the foreskin in our backyard for fear that Teets might find it and bring it into the bed to sleep with us. That’s so Teets!”

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Naturally, a debate about circumcision has ensued on Instagram.

One person, clearly against the practice, vented in a comment, “How do you not understand children are not their parents’ property? He has to live with that decision for the rest of his life. And it is completely unnecessary. Both MGM (male genital mutilation) and FGM (female genital mutilation) violate bodily autonomy and medical ethics.”

“It’s their kid. Therefore, their decisions,” another commenter wrote in a show of support of Mollen and Biggs. “They made him did they not? Exactly.”

Are Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen’s tweets oversharing in your book, or is all fair game in early parenthood?

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