8 Books to make you feel Oscar-worthy

Get an insider’s look at the Academy Awards with these books ranging from must-have, behind-the-scenes looks to fast-paced murder mysteries.

The 2014 Academy Awards will air on Sunday, March 2, with Ellen DeGeneres as the host for the evening. While most of us will be watching the show from the comfy seats of our couch, that doesn’t mean we can’t feel like we’re a part of the action. Get yourself ready for this year’s show with these great Oscar reads.


Oscar Season by Mary McNamara

Oscar Season

Mary McNamara

Chick lit meets murder mystery at the Oscars in this novel by Los Angeles Times reporter Mary McNamara. The book is sprinkled with quirky tidbits about celebrities and the red carpet event from someone who knows what she’s talking about. Pick this up for a silly and witty read before the real stars hit the red carpet.


Good Stuff by Jennifer Grant

Good Stuff: A Reminiscence
of My Father, Cary Grant

Jennifer Grant

Jennifer Grant, the daughter of the iconic Cary Grant, uses her writing skill to bring you an insightful memoir about growing up with a bigger-than-life father. Cary Grant retired from the film industry to raise his daughter, and she brings an insightful and thought-provoking look at the man in front of the camera.


85 Years of the Oscar by Robert Osborne

85 Years of the Oscar

Robert Osborne

This is a brick of a coffee table book but never boring to look at. This is the official history of the Academy Awards in all its glory, including inquisitive looks at past winners and engaging images of the films that stole our hearts.


Murder at the Academy Awards: A Red Carpet Murder Mystery by Joan Rivers and Jerrilyn Farmer

Murder at the Academy Awards: A Red Carpet Murder Mystery

Joan Rivers and Jerrilyn Farmer

OK, Joan Rivers isn’t exactly a literary scholar, but she does know a thing or two about the Oscars. She brings her knowledge and fun, no-holds-barred attitude to this novel for an enjoyable, quick read.


Movie Love in the Fifties by James Harvey

Movie Love in the Fifties

James Harvey

From film noir to melodrama, this book will cover all the romantic basics. The book also explores the portrayal of women in film and how it evolved over the years. If you’re a film lover, especially of the classics, this book shouldn’t be missed.


Pictures at a Revolution by Mark Harris

Pictures at a Revolution: Five Movies and the Birth of the New Hollywood

Mark Harris

The 1968 Oscars marked a shift in film that marked a change in the social hierarchy of the time. Films like Bonnie and Clyde and The Graduate soared and made their mark in cinema history while others floundered and fell by the wayside of time. Mark Harris explores them as a mark of the generation.


1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die by Steven Jay Schneider

1001 Movies You Must
See Before You Die

Steven Jay Schneider

This coffee table book has to make our list just because it’s so much fun to take a look at. Some of the films you will hands-down agree with. Others will leave you skeptical, and still, more that didn’t make the list will have you wondering. It’s definitely a book to browse through when you have some time to kill.


The Movie Business Book Jason E. Squire

The Movie Business Book

Jason E. Squire

This book may be something you’d be more likely to find in a classroom than on the beach, but if you’re interested in the logistics of how a movie actually comes to be, this guide is about as good as it gets. Every awards category at the Oscars will suddenly make more sense, and you’ll have a much bigger appreciation for the work these people do.


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