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LL Cool J to Kanye West: “Stop complaining!

LL Cool J has some choice words for Kanye West. The rapper-turned-actor wants him to put an end to the constant whining.

It’s been a decade since Kanye West released his debut album, The College Dropout. It’s gone down in history as a hip-hop classic that boasts hits like “Jesus Walks,” “All Falls Down” and “Through the Wire.” Not to mention the countless awards it earned, including Grammys for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song.

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Those are just some of the accolades from one of West’s many albums, so why is he so angry? That’s a question LL Cool J wants an answer to. As a legend in the hip-hop world with 30 years under his belt, Cool J recently appeared on Arsenio and spoke about some of his favorite artists. West made the list, but not without a caveat.

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“I think there’s a lot of good music out there,” Cool J said. “I just did a remix with a great young artist, Kid Ink. Me, Kid Ink, Chris Brown and Tyga. They remind me of me when I first started.” He then joked, “And Kanye West when he’s not complaining. I love you man, but you gotta stop complaining. He’s gonna tear me up… Don’t hit me!”

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West has been somewhat under the radar recently, but we’re not sure how long that will last. Despite the ribbing, Cool J’s comments were in good fun. Plus, his endorsement is high praise. This is the same man who brought us, “Mama Said Knock You Out,” “Rock the Bells” and “Going Back to Cali.”

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