5 Lessons Robin Thicke clearly didn’t learn from Growing Pains

As Robin Thicke’s marriage to Paula Patton unravels, we have to wonder — did he learn nothing from his dad’s ’80s sitcom Growing Pains? We expect more from a kid who was raised by a dad who played a cool dad on TV.

Growing pains

Not giving in to peer pressure

Today, Robin Thicke is the voice behind one of the most popular songs of last year, “Blurred Lines.” He’s surrounded by the party life — booze, women and drugs. But tomorrow, he might end up the washed-up has-been behind a song whose popularity was a bit questionable to begin with. (Remember the “rapey lyrics” and Marvin Gaye controversies surrounding “Blurred Lines”?) Is the peer pressure of the spotlight Thicke currently finds himself in going to be worth it when that spotlight dims? Here, Thicke’s dad — Alan Thicke — and his TV son Kirk Cameron, demonstrate how not to give in to peer pressure. Where was Thicke Jr. when this episode aired?

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Two-timing isn’t cool

Famous or not, temptation ekes its way into everyone’s life. Look at Carol, Thicke Sr.’s daughter on Growing Pains. Brad Pitt shows up in her yard and her whole family is there to mock her and remind her that she has a boyfriend. Brad freakin’ Pitt. That’s every woman’s fantasy — we’re just hanging out in our yard and Brad Pitt shows up. But Carol’s family is there to remind her that she is already dating someone. So where was Thicke Sr. when temptation came into Thicke Jr.’s life? (This clip ends abruptly, but it’s worth it to see this awesome ’80s flashback of Brad Pitt.)

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Every couple has problems

Relationships have always been tricky, even in the ’80s. No one is immune, not even when you’re a TV family whose lives are scripted with humor and forgiveness. In this clip, Maggie and Jason have had a falling out, and they’re so upset that they don’t even notice the boys are up past their bedtimes! That’s serious. Yet, Jason and Maggie always worked through their problems and had a good marriage (until the show ended in 1992).

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As long as we’ve got each other

Was Thicke not listening to the intro of dear ole Dad’s show? “As long as we’ve got each other, we’ve got the world spinning right in our hands. Baby rain or shine, all the time, we’ve got each other sharing the laughter and love.” What the hell was Thicke Jr. doing in the ’80s anyway? He grew up with Growing Pains and ended up writing a song with lyrics like, “The way you grab me, must wanna get nasty.” Nasty indeed.

Careers can be a challenge

Careers, especially celebrity careers, can be family wreckers if one is not careful. And by not careful we mean if one uses one’s celebrity status to forget he has a beautiful wife at home who he’s been married to for nine years so he can party as if he’s 20 years younger with women who are 20 years younger. Here, Maggie shows us the challenges a career can have on family life, and yet the Seavers managed to figure it out.


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