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Heroes is back?! 5 Other shows that must return immediately

First words out of our mouths: “They’re bringing back Heroes but not Firefly? That’s BS!” Heroes was great and everything, but there are better shows to revive.

Heroes reborn key graphic

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NBC recently announced that they’ll be reviving Heroes into a 13-episode miniseries. The show, which originally ran from 2006 to 2010, followed a handful of people with superhuman capabilities and had quite the cult following. It even kickstarted the careers of stars like Zachary Quinto (Star Trek) and Hayden Panettiere (Nashville). The new show, Heroes Reborn, is spearheaded by the original creator, Tim Kring, and won’t air until 2015. As excited as we are for Heroes‘ return, however, there are a few shows that we think might be more worthy of a return to television. Hear us out.

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Heroes had four seasons. Firefly barely had one. Yet when you head to any convention in nerddom, you’ll still see plenty of Firefly cosplay and far fewer cheerleaders (Panettiere’s character on Heroes). Firefly was brilliant! As much as we love Nathan Fillion on Castle, we can say with 100% certainty that it pales in comparison to his time on Firefly. Bring back Serenity!

Pushing Daisies

What’s not to love about a brightly colored dramedy centering around a dude who can bring dead things back to life with just a simple touch? Furthermore, can a kiss shared through plastic wrap ever becomes less adorable? (Well, OK… it could actually probably be super creepy, too.) Twenty-two episodes will never be enough. We need more of Ned and Chuck.

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Nuclear war is a very real possibility, you know. And yet people seem more prepared for a zombie apocalypse than for the day we finally irreversibly piss off Russia or North Korea. Jericho made that reality not only slightly terrifying but also more realistic and slightly hopeful that maybe some of us could even make it through alive… at least for two seasons.

Men in Trees

This show could be huge if they brought it back now. Have you looked around recently? The hipster fad that started with a few mustachioed musicians has turned into a full-on bearded overtaking of America. We ladies love the bearded lumberjack look these days, and that’s pretty much what Alaska was offering Marin Frist (Anne Heche). Bring it back!

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Pan Am

Would it be weird if we said the greatest sadness in our working life was the loss of Pan Am? Another one season-er, Pan Am had all the scandal of Grey’s Anatomy, all the style and history of Mad Men and more sexiness than both of those shows combined. How could it possibly go wrong? We’re not sure, but somehow it did. We think it’d be great as a summer series on a cable network, though.

This is too depressing. We can’t go on. There are plenty of other shows we’d love to see brought back: Friday Night Lights, Everwood or American Dreams are three more. But the above shows all ended far too soon for our hearts to fully recover. Would they do better than the upcoming Heroes remake? That’s debatable. But we’d love to see them try!

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