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Switched at Birth sneak peek: Will Bay lose her art forever?

Bay’s hand becomes a bigger issue, Daphne gets into a life-and-death situation, Emmett and Travis prepare for college interviews and Toby gives his dad some fatherly advice. We take a look at some sneak-peek videos from the Monday, Feb. 24 episode of Switched at Birth, “Memory is Your Image of Perfection.”

Switched at Birth - Memory Is Your Image of Perfection

Image courtesy of ABC Family

In the last episode of Switched at Birth, “The Scream,” Kathryn’s book party quickly went from celebration to disaster when she found out about John and Jennice sharing a kiss. Things went a little better for Bay and Tank, but the situation between Daphne, Jorge and Campbell got downright awkward.

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In the preview video for the upcoming episode, “Memory is Your Image of Perfection,” it looks like both Bay and Daphne will be dealing with situations that are far more serious than before. Bay’s hand injury didn’t seem too bad, but will she lose her art forever when the injury becomes more severe? As for Daphne, she will be facing a dire situation at the clinic. Can she do what it takes to save a life? We’ll have to wait and see.

Luckily, the first sneak-peek clip shows that at least some people will be doing pretty well. It’s time for Emmett and Travis to have their college interviews and Melody is doing everything she can to prepare them both. She buys Travis a new shirt and warns Emmett to be sure that his signing is crisp.

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In the second sneak-peek clip from the episode, Toby and John are spending their first morning as roomies. John seems to think that all he needs to do is wait around for Kathryn to “come to her senses,” but Toby isn’t so sure. Switching roles, Toby offers his dad some fatherly advice and suggests John apologize for what he’s done.

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