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Celebs 101: 10 Things you didn’t know about Matt Lanter

Have you been dying to know everything about everyone’s favorite 90210 hunk turned super sexy Star-Crossed alien? SheKnows’ Celebs 101 has you covered on all your Matt Lanter deets.

Wanna get to know Star-Crossed and 90210s Matt Lanter? We yanked Lanter onto our couch and gave him the third degree so we could serve up all the answers for you! From the last movie he cried at to one of his first kisses, Lanter let us in and we’re letting it all out.

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1. He’s a softy

It turns out Lanter has a heart of gold. He’s even a bit of a softy… at least when it comes to touching films. We asked him the last movie that brought tears to his eyes and he knew just the answer.

“Phew! Man! 12 Years a Slave,” Lanter said. “Emotionally, super powerful.”

2. One of his first cars was a T-topped Trans-Am

Oh, boy. So, he clearly likes the classics.

3. That car helped him win girls’ hearts, too

We asked Lanter about his first kiss, but he skipped to a much better story that came a little later in life.

“One of my first kisses that I remember was in high school and I was in my Trans-Am and I had my T-Top off, right? Really sweet car,” Lanter began. Oh, boys and their cars! “And it was nighttime, we had the chairs leaned back, we were both looking at the stars and it was Sister Hazel, ‘Champagne High’ was playing. That was a good kiss.”

Are you swooning yet? Don’t worry. We were, too.

4. Unless, of course, you count the wheels he got for a gift a few years earlier

When we asked Lanter about the best gift he ever got, his face lit up as he told the story of the time his parents gave him a go-kart. The gift was good, but so was the lead-up to it. We’ve never seen an actor get so adorable and giddy on our couch before.

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5. Another throwback: Lanter’s teen crush was Jenny McCarthy

“Jenny McCarthy was like the epitome of hot, you know, back a while ago when I was young,” Lanter told us.

Don’t worry, Jen! We all still think you’re hot.

6. And another teen crush recently got him into a bit of trouble

“I had a poster of Jessica Simpson. It was like the one where she was vacuuming in, like, her underwear. It was awesome,” Lanter shared when talking about teen crushes. “My wife found it the other day and was not happy. It’s not in my house. [whispers] It’s in my office!”

7. Of course, he’s joking! He’s way too sweet for that

He quickly added that he was kidding. We’re pretty sure Lanter is much too nice of a guy to do anything to annoy or hurt his gorgeous wife, Angela. He even did a Husband tag with her for her video blog, Hello Gorgeous!

8. His favorite food? Popcorn

“I love popcorn. I love the Orville Reddenbacher movie theater butter.”

We tried to talk him into some more fancy flavors, but he wasn’t going for it. He’s all about the originals.

9. His BBF is another familiar Hollywood face

It turns out Lanter is BFFs with E! News‘ Jason Kennedy. He was even one of the groomsmen at Lanter’s wedding.

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10. His current Hollywood crush: Robb Stark’s wife

Granted, he couldn’t remember her name. Still, Lanter thinks Game of Thrones‘ star Oona Chaplin is “gorgeous.” He must not have made it to the Red Wedding yet.

To find out more about Lanter’s time in high school, see his face light up when talking about his go-kart and so much more, make sure to watch our full interview at the top! Once you’re entirely in love and entranced with Lanter, don’t forget to tune into Star-Crossed on The CW Mondays at 8/7c.

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