Brian Williams’ rap video: Here’s how Jimmy Fallon does it

Brian Williams’ rap skills are a thing of video-splicing beauty. Check out the “Rapper’s Delight” piece, as well as how Jimmy Fallon makes the magic happen.

Brian Williams’ rapping is the stuff viral-video success is made of. Proving incongruity tickles even the toughest funny bone, footage of the news anchor appearing to rap to “Rapper’s Delight” has become yet another win for funnyman Jimmy Fallon, whose team is behind the footage fun.

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Surely, though, as we’ve chuckled through everything from “Regulate” to “Good Vibrations,” you’ve paused to consider how these clip-filled wonders are created? Is there someone sitting through hours of Brian Williams’ news reports hunting down just the right words? The answer is, sadly, yes.

During an online-only part of the unlikely rap star and Fallon’s latest chat, Williams asked, “So is there a kid in a room who has to watch me?” to which the newly-minted Tonight Show host replied, “Yeah.”

The gangster rapper’s reaction? “That’s so sad.”

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“He’s just a good editor,” the father of Winnie Rose Fallon assured, “and he came up with the idea… the first one went viral, so we said, ‘This is just a perfect fit.'”

“It’s unbelievable,” Williams then shared, adding, “Every night someone new on Twitter is just now finding it and we see on our Twitter feed, ‘Hey, check this out!'”

The sit-down interview, which was filmed just before the “Rapper’s Delight” video made its web debut, then evolved into many “ice” stares into the camera. Good times, Fallon.

To the bang bang boogie, say, up jump the boogie — check out the clip: 

Which one of Brian Williams’ raps is your favorite?