EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The secrets behind Katniss’ futuristic gowns from Catching Fire

Ever wonder how those amazing dresses end up in The Hunger Games movies? Watch our exclusive Blu-Ray video clip to go behind the scenes with the film’s costume designers to find out.

If the fashion of The Hunger Games movies is anything, it’s futuristic couture. Costume designer Trish Summerville knew that Katniss’ dresses needed to blow our minds in Catching Fire. They did.

Katniss’ (Jennifer Lawrence) white wedding dress was beaded with thousands of Swarovski crystals and also boasts a metal “cage” on the bodice that is the perfect embellishment to show Everdeen’s steely determination and fearlessness. The gauzy white skirt delicately fluffs up as she spins, reminding the citizens of Panem that she does have a feminine side.

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The dress undergoes a shocking metamorphosis when it bursts into flames, revealing the stunning mockingjay dress, complete with feathery wings. Summerville said, “The dress is literally a screen printing of feathers that are a combination of blue jays, mockingjays and peacocks.” We think it’s jaw-dropping.

With dresses this awe-inspiring, we wonder what the designers will come up with for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts One and Two. They’re going to need to create at least two more show-stoppers.

We’re also curious what Effie Trinket will be wearing in Mockingjay. We absolutely loved her butterfly-inspired dress, including the butterflies floating in her hair in Catching Fire.

Actress Elizabeth Banks has a classic beauty that can pull off even the most unusual of looks. Perhaps there will be more nature-inspired looks for Trinket, maybe even ones that include flowers or succulents — or maybe something we’ve never seen before, like a dress inspired by a cactus?

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Whatever the inspiration for the costumes, we expect the next two installments of the franchise to charm and delight us. Actress Jennifer Lawrence can pull off anything. We wish her the best of luck at the Oscars, too!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD March 7.