Homeland‘s Mandy Patinkin surprised with two old flames

Mandy Patinkin of Homeland was surprised on air during Live with Kelly and Michael with two of his former flames.

Mandy Patinkin on Live with Kelly and Michael

Photo credit: David Steele/Disney-ABC Domestic Television

Homeland star Mandy Patinkin was shocked when two of his former girlfriends showed up during his appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael on Thursday.

It was a true moment of disbelief for Patinkin when no less than two girlfriends showed up on the set of Live to surprise the unsuspecting actor. Apparently, on a previous visit to the show, Patinkin had been read a letter from an old flame, Sandy Lustig Hyman, who wanted Kelly and Michael to say hello to the Golden Globe nominee.

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Patinkin exclaimed he had been looking for her, and he finally got in touch with her over the phone after that airing. So, Kelly thought it would be “incredible if we could surprise Mandy with Sandy,” and so she did. To Patinkin’s amazement, Sandy walked right on set to say hello.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” Patinkin said hugging and pointing at Lustig Hyman. “This is my first kiss!”

The two said they hadn’t seen each other in 40 years, and went on talking about how they played spin the bottle at a neighbor’s house and how they were each other’s first kiss.

Mandy Patinkin

Photo credit: David Steele/Disney-ABC Domestic Television

Then, Patinkin went on to talk about his college sweetheart, Leonore “Nori” Haines Hicks, and how he’d love to find her as well. Kelly told him to look into the camera and tell the audience of his request.

“Hi, my name is Mandy Patinkin,” he said chuckling. “I’m looking for Nori, Leonore Haines, we went to KU together in ’70 and ’71, please call Michael or Kelly.”

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While Patinkin continued talking, Haines walked up behind him and he was shocked for a second time.

“I can’t take this! Am I dying or something?” Patiknin exclaimed. “We were college boyfriend/girlfriend sweethearts and this was it. I never went to bars, never drank because we were in theater,” he continued as he explained his relationship with Haines.

Patinkin went on to reveal how they broke up, but continued to be in touch for a while until they finally lost contact.

Watch the video below to see what happened when Patinkin was surprised by his two long-lost sweethearts.