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Sharknado sequel bites down on Kelly Osbourne and more

There are a host of celebrities who can’t wait to get eaten in Sharknado 2. Syfy has just announced Vivica A. Fox, Kelly Osbourne, Mark McGrath, Andy Dick and Judah Freelander are all on board.

Sharknado sequel adds celebrity cast
Image courtesy of Syfy

The Sharknado sequel is gonna need a bigger boat.

Luckily, the next freak weather storm is planning to strike New York, where everything is grander, including the celebrity appearances. The sharks definitely won’t go hungry this time around.

Tara Reid and Ian Ziering will be reprising their roles as April and Fin respectively.

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Kelly Osbourne is joining the cast as a flight attendant, and Andy Dick will take on the role of a New York police officer. It makes us laugh just thinking about him in the getup.

Vivica A. Fox will play an old high school friend of Fin, while Mark McGrath has been cast as Fin’s brother-in-law. Looks like someone is getting some backstory.

As if that wasn’t enough celebrity fodder to fuel the flame of excitement, Judah Friedlander of 30 Rock fame will play a character named Brian. To round out the cameos, Judd Hirsch, known for his role in the iconic television show Taxi, will be playing Ben, who is a — wait for it — taxi cab driver.

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The film, which was aptly named Sharknado 2: The Second One following a Twitter competition, will unleash the storm of sharks on The Big Apple, leaving April and Fin as the only two people who can save the city.

Though the B-movie is bulking up on its celebrity roster, there are some who didn’t make the cut. Despite an enthusiastic Twitter reaction from Lost creator Damon Lindelof about penning the sequel, it looks like the movie will stick to its roots with writer Thunder Levin. It also appears as though actress Aubrey Peeples won’t be returning, most likely due to her busy schedule with Nashville.

Sharknado 2 is due to start shooting in New York soon, with a scheduled release on Syfy sometime in July 2014.

Are you excited to see Sharknado 2: The Second One?

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