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Shayne Lamas’ husband pens sad goodbye to stillborn son

Shayne Lamas is still fighting for her life after her baby boy was stillborn following severe pregnancy complications.

Shayne Lamas Nik Richie

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The health of reality star Shayne Lamas is still touch and go, and while dealing with his wife’s medical scares, blogger Nik Richie is also grappling with the death of the couple’s unborn son.

Richie shared a letter he wrote to his baby with TMZ.

“I’m writing this to say thank you, to let you know how truly blessed I am to be your father,” Richie wrote. “You brought meaning to your parent’s life in a way you’ll never know and you’ll always be in our hearts and thoughts.”

“God has a plan for us all. He gave me an amazing son who will always watch over our family. You saved your mother’s life with your passing and I will never forget how much this means to me, R.J. In family, we sacrifice for each other. You gave your life for us. You showed me how to love.”

“I need you to know that I held you, spoke to you, kissed you and that you’ll be remembered,” he added. “You are perfect. You will always be my son. I’m proud of you, always. I love you, Rex Jagger Lamas-Richie.”

On his blog, Richie revealed that Lamas is still in intensive care after a scary episode when her heart stopped on a most unfortunate date.

“I’m still working from the ICU,” he revealed. “This has been the toughest week of my life, but my love for Shayne Lamas has grown tremendously. My wife is a true fighter. Her heart gave out on Valentine’s Day and we had to start the rehabilitation process all over again.”

Lamas, the daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas, rose to fame during her stint on The Bachelor. She wed blogger Nik Richie in Las Vegas just hours after meeting him. The pair, who appeared on Couples Therapy together, already have one daughter, Press.

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