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Barbara Walters reveals her vibrator’s name


Barbara Walters has just proven you’re never too old to have a sex life, and apparently, she’s not too old to publicly discuss her own.

Barbara Walters jokes about vibrators and sex on The View

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Here’s something you would never expect to hear from Barbara Walters’ mouth — she owns a vibrator, and it even has a name.

OK, you totally would expect to hear that from the 84-year-old star, who decided to once again reveal a little too much information during an episode of The View on Monday.

When the topic of “self-love” came up, Walters was thrilled to share the news that she owns a vibrator, and she suggested it has a name: Selfie!

During a shameless conversation with her co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd and guest host Ross Mathews, Walters was asked if she had more “self-confidence and self-love” now than she had when she was younger, to which the broadcast journalist suggestively responded, “Self-love?”

However, it was Walters’ co-hosts that steered the conversation into the gutter as Shepherd chimed in, “You know self-love, Barbara. Friday night self-love!”

The conversation was getting into dangerous territory, but Walters has never been one to shy away from erotic conversations, so it was up to Goldberg to stop the conversation before Walters had a chance to repeat history and reveal more sexual information.

“You start talking about that vibrator of yours again, I can’t handle it!” Goldberg joked.

However, even the Sister Act actress’ attempt to steer clear of vibrator jokes was not enough to stop Walters, who happily responded by saying, “How did you know? How did you know?!”

Walters confessed, “You know what it’s called? A selfie!”

“The name of Barbara’s vibrator is ‘Selfie,'” Goldberg repeated. “Fantastic.”

This news is not all that surprising. The morning TV talk show host does not mind discussing the topic of sex — in fact, it appears to be one of her favorites. According to Us Weekly, back in 2009, Walters and Joy Behar joked about vibrators.

Walters began the conversation by saying, “Let’s say there’s one luxury thing now that you could buy,” before being interrupted by a cheeky Behar, who said, “You mean, besides a vibrator?”

Never one to be outdone, Walters responded, “For [you], that’s not a luxury, that’s a necessity!”

In April 2012, the topic of sex was brought up again when Walters pressed her former co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck about her sex life, asking questions such as, “What about you and your husband? Do you like it when he’s rough?”

Oh, Barbara! We have a feeling this is not the last we have heard about your “Selfie.”

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