INTERVIEW: The Jacksons plan “bittersweet” tribute to Michael

SheKnows spoke with Jackie Jackson as The Jacksons prepared for their 40-day Vegas residency. We learned about a “bittersweet” tribute to little brother Michael, and discussed their long life in the limelight.

The Jacksons

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After 50 years in the business and 25 years since their last album, The Jacksons are leaping further into the limelight once again. SheKnows talked to Jackie Jackson and learned about what we can expect from their 40-night residency in Vegas, news on an upcoming album and more. A little starstruck? Sure. But, we got the news and we’re excited to share it with you!

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First, on Feb. 20 The Jacksons will kick off a 40 concert stint at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino as part of the resort’s Rock Tellz and CockTails series. Each night, the show will feature performances from The Jacksons, as well as plenty of rare or never-before-heard stories from their 50 years of growing up together, working together and performing together. During the show, the brothers — Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon — have planned a special moment to honor one of the youngest members of their family, Michael Jackson. Jackie says things tend to get a little teary around then, too.

“That always happens, especially when it comes to Michael’s part of the show. We kind of honor him during the show, we call it the bittersweet moment,” Jackie told us. “Some people cry in the audience. … But, then the music starts playing and people start dancing and having a good time.”

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We’re sure many fans will look forward to seeing that very special and meaningful tribute to the late Michael. While Michael’s presence can only be felt in spirit, Jackie said fans shouldn’t be surprised to see visits from the rest of the Jackson family, too. Like always, the Jacksons turn everything into a family affair.

When Jackie and his brothers aren’t on stage, they’re also working on some new tunes. Despite touring off-and-on for the last couple decades, The Jacksons haven’t put out a new album since 1989. According to Jackie, though, the brothers are in the midst of ending that streak. The foursome has been in and out of the recording studio and fans should expect a new album from them soon.

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“Of course! We’ve already started, and now we’ll finish up because we’re all gonna be together in the same place so we can start working on it once everyone gets here,” Jackie shared. “We’ll work on the album in the morning and in the afternoon and evening time, we’ll do the show.”

We asked Jackie about his first time in the recording studio and he shared a little about the experience, as well as The Jacksons’ hands-on approach to making their records.

“That was awesome,” Jackie remembered fondly. “We’d never seen a recording studio before and all the things that take place. There’s so much to learn about producing and making records. Motown was pretty much like the school, a learning place. They taught us well how to do all that: Produce and write songs. It was like going to a college pretty much. We’re hands-on when it comes to stuff like that. We know exactly what to do in the studio, what it takes to make a hit record.”

What’s next after they do their time in Vegas? It sounds like The Jacksons are back on the road with planned visits in Europe and Asia. Fifty years later, and there’s still no slowing down those Jackson boys!

Be sure to catch one of America’s most beloved families in Sin City between Feb. 20 and April 27 for what is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience.

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