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VIDEO: Matt Lanter on Star-Crossed‘s inevitable love triangles

If The CW has a niche, it’s the love triangle, right? When Matt Lanter, star of their new show Star-Crossed stopped by, we had to ask him about the possibility of another one. We got that answer and learned more about his character, Roman.

The CW’s Star-Crossed is just days away from premiering and we’ve got a first-hand look at what to expect for the new show. How’d we manage that? Easy! We pulled Matt Lanter down onto our couch and refused to let him leave until he spilled all the deets on the show, his alien character Roman, and the sexiness ahead. Thanks, Matt!

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We already know that Lanter’s character, Roman, and Aimee Teegarden’s Emery are destined to be together… if only the world will stop coming between them. What we didn’t expect, when watching the pilot, was to catch an interesting vibe between Roman and Emery’s sick friend. We immediately wondered if The CW was setting us up for a love triangle. Sadly, Lanter wasn’t very reassuring.

“Something happens that there is a connection that happens between Roman and her. She understands this connection but it might or might not get romantic. It could cause problems between him and Emery,” Lanter hinted, clearly trying to kill us. “There’s triangles everywhere. That’s kind of what The CW specializes in.”

But, we want Roman and Emery to be together! Will we ever see it? Probably not. Then there wouldn’t be a show.

“So, throughout the season, that’s kind of one of our main conflicts is that it can’t blossom,” Lanter explain. “That’s where Roman is super conflicted and Emery as well. They want to be together and they feel like they’re destined to be together, but they can’t be because of everything that’s going on around them. If love were only so easy. Especially for these two where they’ve got the weight of the world on their shoulders, they’ve got hate groups within humans and the Atrians that wanna wipe out the other race. So, Roman’s really conflicted as to whether to do the right thing for his people or do the right thing for himself and for love. It’s all there. We’ll see.”

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The CW certainly knows how to keep fans fuming and on the edge of their seats and Lanter is no stranger to the way the network functions. Before landing his new gig on Star-Crossed, Lanter spent five seasons playing Liam on 90210. Liam was a bad boy and Roman seems like a fairly upstanding citizen, so we wondered just how much the characters were different and alike.

“Liam was kind of more acting on aggression and instinct, in a way. He didn’t care what he said or what he sounded like or how he acted. And Roman is maybe a little more intellectual in the way he might try to use wit or dialogue to get out of a situation as opposed to his fists,” Lanter said. “The way that they’re similar is that they’re both good people and they both have good hearts. I think they both want good things for the people around them. They’re both willing to sacrifice for the people they love and care about, Roman especially. You’ll see as the series goes on that there’s a lot of sacrifice for Emery, even if that means not satisfying his own wants. But, he’s willing to sacrifice for Emery because he loves her and cares about her.”

Aww! We couldn’t be more excited about watching new love bloom and try to flourish on Star-Crossed. There will definitely be obstacles that come between Emery and Roman, however. Watch our interview with Lanter to find out whether he sees himself more like Liam or Roman, and how he approached portraying an alien.

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