Kanye West to Kim Kardashian: Stop “acting” in reality show

Kanye West reportedly told Kim Kardashian to stop “acting” while on her reality show and to just be herself.

Kim Kardashian

Photo credit: Michael Wright/WENN.com

Kim Kardashian is apparently not acting like her real self on the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but is instead being a fake, according to her fiancé Kanye West.

West reportedly told Kardashian to stop acting on her reality show because she’s not portraying herself the way she really is, RadarOnline claims. In the latest episode of the reality series, Kardashian decided to have repairs made to mom Kris Jenner’s bathroom without consulting her first. But according to West, the real Kim Kardashian would never do something like that off-camera.

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“Kim wouldn’t just go into her mom’s bathroom and make changes at the house,” West pointed out, according to a source for RadarOnline. “She respects Kris’ house, and has gone out of her way to not get in the way.”

The source added that when Kardashian explained to West that it was all for the episode’s story line, he went ballistic and yelled at her, saying, “Stop acting!” Evidently, West is upset that his fiancée gets a bad rap because of how she’s portrayed on the show. “Kim is a totally different person off-camera, very sweet and thoughtful, and not this materialistic, judgmental monster that viewers saw,” the source continued.

In the show, Kardashian supposedly called in a carpenter to begin fixing things up at the house and Jenner secretly said to the cameras that she couldn’t wait until her daughter moved into her own home with West and their 8-month-old daughter.

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The Kardashian matriarch was later dismayed to learn that the supposed repairs ordered by Kardashian would take eight months to get completed. Then, when the 33-year-old reality maven was shown making several “loud” phone calls, Jenner sarcastically asked, “Is there anything I can bring you, princess?”

This is supposedly the behavior that West claims is giving his future wife such a bad reputation, and he allegedly wants her to start being herself and not put on such a fake persona.


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