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VIDEO: Scarlett Johansson teaches us how to play the game of love

Scarlett Johansson lends her voice to a new episode of HitRECord on TV. Check out a clip of the episode to find out how guys and girls play the game of love.
Valentine’s Day is here, and what better way to celebrate the holiday of love than by watching two animated people play the game of love in the modern world.

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That’s exactly what you’ll get to do when you watch the next episode of HitRECord on TV, airing on Saturday, Feb. 15 on Pivot at 10/9c. The episode is called “Re: Games” and provides a hilarious look into the world of modern dating and the games people play when trying to find their true love. In it, Scarlett Johansson lends her voice to a character that doesn’t always have the best of luck when it comes to romance.

The title of the episode is incredibly appropriate, as is the title of the short, “Two Player Game.” In the video, Johansson plays a woman in a bar who does anything but say what’s actually on her mind. She’s not the only one, though. HitRECord contributor RiverK plays the guy trying to hit on the girl in the bar, and he’s not exactly open with his thoughts either.

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The two hit it off but alternate between berating themselves for saying stupid things and trying to look as cool as possible. It’s a dance that probably looks familiar to anyone who’s ever met someone they find attractive. The conversation between the two involves fake texts, fake phone calls, a reference to Oprah Winfrey and a few naughty thoughts about girls making out. From there things seem to go well, but much like real life, this game of love ends pretty badly. That is, if you consider someone wetting his pants a bad thing.

HitRECord on TV is the new series created by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and, in his words, thousands of others. The half-hour variety show features everything from short films and live performances to cartoons, music and more. Gordon-Levitt and Johansson are longtime friends, which is how she got involved in the series.

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