SPOILERS: Matt Lanter says Star-Crossed aliens do not have 3 penises

We chatted with the star of The CW’s new show Star-Crossed, Matt Lanter, and dove deep into the world of his Atrian character, Roman. Now we’re even more excited for the brand-new show!

Matt Lanter recently visited the SheKnows studios and we quickly got him on the couch. While we couldn’t get his shirt off, we did manage to pick his brain about what was ahead on his new CW show, Star-Crossed. Lanter plays Roman, an Atrian alien who (along with many more of his species) crash-landed on earth ten years earlier. We’re so curious about those tattooed aliens, the Atrians! We had tons of questions and Lanter was kind enough to answer all of them. What a champ!

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First, what’s up with those tattoos?

“Right now, we know that they’ve got these tattoo-lookin’ things,” Lanter said “They’re actually more like birth marks than tattoos. Each Atrian has their own unique, individual markings on their bodies.”

The birthmarks are pretty hot, so we don’t mind. It’s pretty obvious it was done as a way to make the Atrians stand apart from the humans. But, do the tattoos do anything else? More importantly, we’re dying to know if the aliens have any secret powers!

“As we go on in the series more things come out, more kinda cool secrets about things they can and can’t do,” Lanter teased. “Our producer has said this so I know I can say this without getting in trouble: We can breathe through our skin. So that’s kind of a cool thing that the tattoos can do. There’s a lot of cool visual effects as well that kind of go along with that. Atrians have two hearts. They have two sets of lungs. They have a lot of allergies. They age quicker.”

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Oh, no! They age quicker? Will that mean season 5 could lead to seeing Lanter with plastic wrinkles and creases glued to his face? Don’t be silly! It’s The CW!

There was one other question about the Atrians we were dying to ask. Soon after Roman arrives at school, rumors start spreading that Atrians have three penises. Wow. We were hoping this was true and at some point down the road we could play the “guess which one is real” game, but Lanter dashed our dreams.

“That’s a rumor going on in the school,” Lanter laughed. “Not true.”

If Star-Crossed were set on HBO, though, we all know it would be a huge plot twist. Oh well! It’s probably best Lanter keeps it in his pants, anyway. He’s a gorgeous, sweet guy and we’re so glad we spoke with him! To find out more about the Atrian planet, their super powers and the awesome technology you’ll see on the show, make sure to watch the video for our full interview!

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