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2014 Oscars drinking game: Lights, camera, slurp!

We may not be having a fabulous time at the Oscars, strutting down the red carpet, hoping we get photobombed by Jennifer Lawrence or casually bumping into Jared Leto and his fabulous locks. But our version sounds pretty darn good: Wine. Yep, that’s it. Just our couch, jammies and wine — and lots of it. And what pairs well with wine? A drinking game, of course. So, watch, sip and play this Oscars drinking game with us! (Caution: Monday’s going to be rough. Just sayin’.)

The rules

SheKnows' Oscars Drinking Game 2014

After the show

Call a taxi if you need to get home! Be smart, don’t drink and drive or your car may end up like Leonardo DiCaprio’s Lamborghini in The Wolf of Wall Street — or worse. Please drink responsibly.

The 86th Academy Awards airs Sunday, March 2, on ABC.

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