5 Reasons The Walking Dead's Rick and Michonne should totally hook up

Feb 13, 2014 at 1:48 p.m. ET

In a world torn apart by an apocalypse, Rick and Michonne are two people who seem to be made for each other. We've got five reasons why they should start a romance.

5 Reasons The Walking Dead's Rick and Michonne should totally hook upImage courtesy of AMC

With all of the survivors scattered after the catastrophe at the prison, somehow Michonne found her way to where Rick and Carl were hiding out. Coincidence? We think not. Here are five reasons why we think that means they would make a good couple on The Walking Dead.

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They're both hot

We're just going to get the shallowest reason out of the way first. A zombie apocalypse is not exactly conducive to looking your best, but you have to admit that both Rick and Michonne have managed to look pretty darn good most of the time. Forget for a minute all the times they were covered in blood and walker guts (actually, don't, because they usually manage to make that stuff look good). But when Rick gets a chance to clean up and maybe trim his beard and Michonne doesn't have a huge swollen black eye, they are both mighty fine-looking people and let's be honest, aren't those the kind of people we want repopulating the earth?

They work well together

When Michonne first joined the prison group, she really didn't have much more on her mind than getting help for Andrea. After that, she was probably planning for them to head out on their own again, but she ended up staying with Rick and his crew. Once Michonne was there for a while, she became a part of the family and began working as a part of the team. She accepted Rick's leadership when necessary, but also proved that she had a mind of her own and wasn't afraid to step up and make decisions herself. Whether the two of them end up starting a new group or just a small family unit with Carl, it's easy to predict that they will continue to work well together.

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They're both survivors

They say that opposites attract, but when it comes to Rick and Michonne it's more like matching up two people who are exactly alike. Sure, Rick has made some mistakes as leader, but one thing you can't say about the man is that he's a wuss. After all, Rick survived alone in a hospital while the apocalypse was happening around him and has been fighting ever since the day he staggered out of his room. Michonne also fought her way through a lot and even went so far as to use the father of her child and another good friend as protection after they were turned. There's no doubt that either of them could survive on their own if they had to, so why shouldn't they end up together?

It must be fate

In the episode "After," a badly injured Rick stumbled after his rebellious but resourceful teenager and the pair ended up in an abandoned house. While they were going through their own adventures (Carl's involved pudding and Rick's mostly involved being unconscious), Michonne struck out on her own once again. She even got herself two more pet walkers and appeared to be abandoning any thought of getting close to people again. Then something changed in her and she chose to follow a random pair of tracks on a dirt road until they led her to Rick and Carl. Any one of a million things could have prevented that reunion so we're of the opinion that it was fate that brought them all together.

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Carl actually likes Michonne

While it's hard to argue that the poor kid hasn't had his reasons, it also can't be said that Carl is the nicest of kids sometimes. Throughout the apocalypse he's been surly and gotten himself into more trouble than a lot of teens. In the beginning he didn't like Michonne at all, but gradually the two of them formed a bond that is heartwarming to see. It's not unusual for parents to pick a partner in part because of their kid's preferences and in this case, Rick would be smart to be with a woman his son gets along with so well.

Do you think Rick and Michonne would make a good couple on The Walking Dead?